Fencing in Gillingham

Fencing Gillingham
Fencing Gillingham

Do you own a small estate or happen to be a business in need of security fencing? Whatever your needs may be, Fences R Us Ltd, working throughout Gillingham will be more than happy to help! Fences R Us Ltd have been supplying Gillingham and surrounding areas with the highest quality fencing supplies and services for over 15 years. Fencing is a vital part of any household or business that wants to keep intruders off of your property and retaining animals inside. Backed by over 15 years of experience, our family-run business has been providing Gillinghamwith fencing supplies and we pride ourselves on our customer relations and quality services. This has led onto us building a sizable loyal customer base throughout Gillingham and surround areas.

As a testament to our quality, customers will always receive a questionnaire about their product or service once we have completed our work; we encourage you to fill this out and send it onto the UK Trades Confederation. The quality of our work is only ever matched by the high standard of fencing services and products that we supply, both of these qualities are often praised for by our loyal customers.

Through our vast past of fencing in Gillingham, we have dealt with various big-name companies in the past. Many chemical and haulage businesses have purchased our fences, including: Fastcool Services, Dolphin Exports and Kleerfreight are amongst our previous clients. Most of these previously mentioned businesses are always in search of security fencing and as mentioned previously, we are able to supply high quality, durable and reliable security fencing throughout Gillingham.

We can provide a range of security fencing, varying from steel palisade and chain link fencing, to both open and closed mesh fencing. When it is that you need new fencing putting down, we will often make the trip out to you in order to gain a confident sense of surrounding and location; allowing us to help provide you with the best product possible. Backed by over 15 years of experience throughout Gillingham, our family run business prides itself on customer service and quality of work; in order to achieve this we all work as a team of fencing specialists. Another reason we are able to achieve such high results is due to us only ever using the finest parts and materials, along with first-class fixtures and fittings. Once it is that we have gone through and installed your new fencing in Gillingham we will always make sure that we leave our workplace; this is one of the several reasons that we are Gillingham’s first choice for fencing supplies and installation.