Security Fencing in Queenborough, Kent

For any business, security is a high priority, and preventing intruders from gaining access to your premises is of paramount importance. Choose Fences R Us Ltd, in Queenborough, Kent, to supply and install the security fencing that protects your company and employees. Offering many different grades and colours, we provide a range of styles, ranging from mesh to palisade fencing.

Protection and Durability - Palisade Fencing in Kent

From steel palisade and chain link fencing, to both open and closed mesh fencing, we are able to cater for the varied needs of your business. The materials used in the manufacture of every fence are of the highest quality, meaning that they are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. When it comes to the steel palisade fencing, we use a reputable brand called Ultra™. They specialise in the creation of high-security fencing, making them the ideal supplier for us.

A Visual and Physical Deterrent

Made from triple-point steel, which is galvanised and powder coated to increase durability and maximise security, our palisade fencing is second-to-none. They are available with finishing options such as matching gates and railings, and in the following specifications:

1.8 Metres – 2.1 Metres – 2.4 Metres – 3 Metres

Metal Fence - Fences R Us Ltd

Secure Fencing Installations Kent

Depending on size and specifics of your job, it may take us multiple visits to complete the installation. The installation of our garden and security fencing will always be completed to the highest standard, with a two-year guarantee being issued. One of the main benefits of our security fencing is that, once it has been installed, it is entirely maintenance free.

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Reputable Past Customers

Travelling to the location of our clients, we have dealt with numerous big-name companies in the past. Many chemical and haulage businesses have purchased our fences, including Fastcool Services™, while Dolphin Exports™ and Kleerfreight™ are also among our previous clients.

Contact us now, in Queenborough, Kent, to obtain more information about our security palisade fencing.